Living a Fantasy Life

Economic factors are often a driving force in people's lives and relationships. Couples who cannot afford divorce will live together, but they no longer connect with each other. They have separate friends and hobbies. This state of affairs can go on indefinitely, but it is an unhealthy way to live. It takes a physical toll as the couple's emotional live dissolves. Without love, people wither from the inside and find it difficult to recover from this state.

Partners in this type of relationship do their best to find other emotional outlets. Some of them have flings with co-workers and friends. Others find solace in new hobbies, or they might choose to begin a new career. Businesses are often started during this time, and financial success can end the stalemate of the relationship. Both partners are happy if this happens because they can then regain their freedom through divorce.

There are not very many people who succeed in a new business with this type of home life. They are struggling emotionally, and it affects everything in their world. Some people see their only chance of happiness in a rich fantasy life. They withdraw from the real world, for a short time, and they imagine the life they could have. Some want luxurious homes and fine possessions, but other people imagine having no strings attached sex with the person of their dreams.

There are few people who do not want an intimate physical relationship. In a loveless marriage, physical intimacy is usually one of the first items to go. A fuck buddy might be the perfect fantasy for a person in this type of relationship. Fuck buddies have no down side because they are not seeking a relationship. A person trapped in a bad marriage would want to avoid that, so this is the perfect fantasy for their mental escape.