Rediscovering Each Other

There are couples who have failed to nurture their relationship, and their private lives become a battleground. They stay together because it is too expensive to live apart. Their children suffer through their anger against each other, and they often find numerous reasons to stay away from home. Couples that go through this process often get divorced once the children grow up. It is a difficult life for everyone involved, and nobody gets through it unscathed.

Human resilience is often an amazing phenomenon, and empty marriages are part of it. Couples waiting for their children to grow up have often rediscovered each other once the children leave. They may find they still have love for each other, and they can reignite their relationship once their lives are no longer chaotic. This does not happen for every couple, but it is a magical time for those who experience it. Discovering there is still a relationship left is often a surprise to the entire family, and it can bring the family together again when it occurs.